Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Car Decking 101 & Roof Insulation

Lots of truck deliveries today. The lumber for the rest of the T&G Car Decking and rear deck was suppose to come first thing and then in the afternoon the semi with the insulated roof panels was suppose to arrive from Montana. The key word is "suppose" :-) Roof panels arrived at 10am so I got some guys over to help unload that in the drive. An hour after we finished the lumber arrived, which actually worked out better. We had the forklift stack the car decking on top of the panels which got them 1/2 up on to the roof ! Cool shot out of the windows above the stairs!
Standing by the stairs looking across the Dining and Kitchen.

Standing in the Kitchen and looking back to the office. You can see how the Glu Lams flow over the closet, behind the chairs.

The insulated panels are piled in the driveway ready to go up on the roof as soon as we finish the T&G installation. We just have the area over the rear deck to complete.

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Monica Sam said...

For roof decking, has anyone ever used dimensional lumber decking that is NOT tongue and groove? I know a lot of the homes on this site use the 2x6 T&G and it looks great, but I've checked prices and it is more than I want to spend on a roof deck. I saw that Vern Street made his own, but not sure I've got the time or tools for that. Car insulation